EastEnders Spoilers: The Carters are set for a fresh crisis

More devastation is set for Walford's most troubled family

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You’ve gotta feel for the Carter family on EastEnders. They just keep getting hit by the brown, smelly stuff no matter what they do lately.

They’ve recently battled several financial disasters which have resulted in Shirley serving a prison sentence. Linda’s still in Watford with her sick mum and Mick is in Bulgaria with Nancy who’s been in a car accident.

Ok, own up, which one of you walked under a ladder?

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On top of that, Sylvie Carter – who’s been suffering from dementia – was electrocuted in the bath last week when her radio fell in. What else can be thrown at them?

Well, we really wish you hadn’t tempted fate by asking that question, because the answer is: quite a ruddy lot, actually.

On the day of Sylvie’s funeral, Tina is feeling super emosh, which isn’t helped by the fact that ex-girlfriend, Sonia Fowler, is the only family member to turn up. And she’s not even proper family.

Tina is touched when she arrives back at the Vic to find Sylvie’s old friends waiting for her. The moment of joy doesn’t last for long though.

Woody – played by Blue star Lee Ryan – arrives with the news that he’s a new bar manager and has been sent by Linda.

No one is overly pleased by Woody’s arrival, but things get even worse when yet another disaster strikes at the Vic. While we can’t tell you what, we can let you know that it ain’t cheap.

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And with the pub’s overdraft limit reached, it means they can’t order any stock. Where is Aunt Babe when you need her? Bet she’d be able to knock up some vodka with a potato and an old sock. Or something.

Anyway, the family are stunned when Johnny reveals he has used his student loan to pay the overdraft. Well, there had to be a point to him somewhere.

But are the family’s woes just beginning?

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