EastEnders SPOILER: Whitney’s back and announces she’s engaged to a VERY familiar face!

She didn't hang about!

Whitney Carter is returning to EastEnders next week with a new look and a new man – who happens to be a very familiar face…

Having left in disgrace after looking lips with father-in-law Mick Carter and being banished by Shirley, Whitney has supposedly been staying with brother Ryan.

However it seems she actually wasn’t with him for very long given what’s gone on in between her leaving and coming back.

The locals are pleased to see Whitney back where she belongs (Credit: BBC)

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Turning up at The Vic with a sassy new red ‘do, plus a whole wardrobe of new clothes (hmm, has she been on the rob again or come into some serious money?) Whit’s whole demeanour has changed.

Mick’s thrilled to see her, having felt horribly guilty about everything that went on, not to mention the way Shirley treated her.

Mick can’t help but be taken with Whitney again (Credit: BBC)

Speaking of Shirley, she’s not at all pleased to see Whit return, but unfortunately for Shirl, she’s outvoted when Jonny and Mick not only offer Whitney her old job back, but her room at The Vic as well.

Despite the Carter matriarch putting on the tough act and telling Whit to sling her hook, the new Whitney isn’t a pushover any more, and standing her ground tells Shirl she’s going nowhere.

Shirley on the other hand makes her feelings perfectly clear (Credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Mick wants to make sure everything’s sweet between him and Whitney after last time, so he invites himself into Whit’s room as she’s unpacking to clear the air.

The pair of them together behind closed doors might not be such a good idea, but actually it turns out Mick’s safe, because she’s got herself another fella.

Mick wants to clear the air (Credit: BBC)

No longer heartbroken over the whole Lee situation, nor pining after her father-in-law, Whitney is already engaged to someone else.

And who is that someone else? As she shows Mick the ring, she announces she’s marrying… Woody!

Wait, what? Whitney’s ENGAGED? TO WOODY? (Credit: BBC)

Yep, Woody the bar manager, played by Lee Ryan, who left when Mick returned to the pub and found him in bed with Whitney.

After Mick punched him and threw him out, we haven’t seen hide nor hair of Woody, but Whitney clearly has, and somehow they’ve managed to spend enough time together to realise they’re meant to be.

He’s back and he’s marrying Whitney – yes, we’re confused too! (Credit: BBC)

All seems a bit quick, doesn’t it?

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No sooner has the announcement been made than the bloke in question shows up and an engagement party is hastily organised.

But can Mick put his hatred aside and give the happy couple his blessing?

Whitney wants Mick to let her be happy – can he? (Credit: BBC)

After another heart to heart with Whit on the roof, Mick is forced to decide whether he can accept the new man in her life. It’s not going to be easy, but can he do it?

And something else that’s been niggling us – Woody’s been working with Linda, so does that mean Whitney’s been there too? And if so, does she know the big secret Linda’s keeping?

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