EastEnders SPOILER: What secret are newcomers Ted and Joyce hiding?

What could the newbies possibly be hiding?

Two new characters rock up in Walford next week, and the newcomers bring with them a very big secret, but what is it?

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Theatre stars Maggie Steed and Christopher Timothy arrive in Walford as Ted and Joyce Murray -but we’ve been told they bring a dark secret too.

We first meet the new Walford residents as they say good bye to their old lives and prepare for a fresh new start in Albert Square. Ha. Good luck with that, guys.

Things immediately look a bit iffy when Joyce realises that Ted has already broken his promise about a fresh new start – by bringing a piece of their past with them. Ooooh. Mysterious.

We actually have no ruddy idea what the secret is, but EE’s mega-dramatic spring trailer suggests that the couple already know Walford’s other new arrivals – the Taylors.

Could the Taylors be connected to the big, dark secret? WE NEED TO KNOW.

EastEnders boss, Sean O’Connor, recently spoke out about his plans for something big and ambitious to happen in Walford this autumn.

Explaining that he’s planning something “crazily ambitious” he also talked about who would be involved.

The show has been a hot topic on social media for its boring storylines and most recently its inaccurate portrayal of Denise Fox’s money problems and trip to the Job Centre.

But Sean has assured fans he’s got a long-term plan and we’ll start to see it paying off very soon.

Talking to about what’s coming up, he said:

“So, over the next few months, I guess what what I’m promising is an extraordinary ride – I am genuinely excited.

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“It’s crazily ambitious – we’re pulling out all the stops to make it happen. Certainly for EastEnders, it’ll be game-changing.”

Will this secret kick it all off? Whatever happens, it sounds like we’re in for quite an exciting ride.

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