EastEnders SPOILER: Steven turns stalker – is Lauren in danger?

He's going down a very sinister path

We knew it wouldn’t be long before Steven Beale’s strange behaviour surfaced once again.

Now it looks like he’s set to start stalking his own girlfriend as his determination to keep her by his side grows, but will Lauren end up in trouble if he finds out the truth?

Ever since he arrived back in Walford pretending to be the prodigal son, loving partner, and doting stepdad, we’ve been suspicious as to how long it can last.

Steven’s losing it (Credit: BBC)

And in EastEnders latest trailer it seems he’s slowly descending into paranoia.

It’s quite obvious Steven doesn’t like Lauren’s new job and is threatened by her going off to work in the big City – and that’s even without knowing about her attraction to Josh.

We’ve already seen him getting increasingly unstable. He turned up at Lauren’s work with Louis, claiming the lad was ill, but really he wanted to get her away from the office.

He’s since been constantly obsessing over Louis’s health, trying to find any excuse to get Lauren to leave her job.

He’s piercing condoms to secretly get Lauren pregnant (Credit: BBC)

He’s also dead keen on starting their own family to trap her into staying with him and is secretly piercing holes in their condoms to help the process along.

Clips in the trailer show him watching Lauren in a car with Josh and then installing a tracking device on her phone to keep tabs on her every move.

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He’s tracking his girlfriend’s phone (Credit: BBC)

Abi Branning can be heard asking why he didn’t follow them, to which he replies: “Because I know what I’m capable of”. Creepy.

He also invites Josh over for dinner and behaves incredibly inappropriately asking if he’s a player – much to Lauren’s disgust.

Steven’s inappropriate questions at dinner annoy Lauren (Credit: BBC)

So as all of his attempts to keep her close to him actually end up just pushing her further away, is Steven set to crack?

There’s also scenes of Steven slamming Abi against a wall – has he discovered she knows something about her sister? Is he taking his aggression and frustration out on her?

He gets violent with Abi (Credit: BBC)

If Lauren does start an affair with Josh, which is looking more and more likely, how far will Steven go to get his revenge?

Kidnap, shootings, and set ups are just some of his former misadventures. Could he resort to one of these tactics once again?

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It’s clear Lauren’s attracted to Josh (Credit: BBC)

He left stepmother Jane Beale unable to have children after shooting her, so anything Steven is plotting is always a worry.

Could he strike again, this time taking on Lauren and Josh? Is it going to be a case of if he can’t have her, no one can? Will Steven kill Lauren?