EastEnders SPOILER: Steven tells a shocking lie to keep Lauren

He proves he'll go to any lengths to keep her with him

Scary Steven Beale takes another dark turn in ‘Enders next week, in a desperate bid to keep his girlfriend, Lauren Branning, in Walford.

Watch out Steven, looks like your pants are on fire (credit: BBC)

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Lauren has finally admitted what we’ve known all along, that she doesn’t love Steven, and she even prepares to flee back to New Zealand with baby Louie.

But, of course, everything we know about Lauren, Steven knows too. Because, stalking. Not only has he been tracking her movements through an app on her phone, but he also upped his spy game by watching her via a secret camera.

Desperate to keep Lauren with him, he tells her a big, fat lie. We can’t reveal what he tells her, but it’s enough to stop her in her tracks.

Steven soon feels the pressure of his tangled web when Lauren begins to question him about his shocking FAKE NEWS.

Lauren confides in Max – could this be a big mistake? (credit: BBC)

He promises Lauren everything will be ok, but then Abi starts meddling (OF COURSE SHE DOES) and she soon realises everything isn’t as it seems.

She tells Steven he needs to come clean with Lauren and he actually looks like he’s taking her words on board.

But then he goes back to watching Lauren on the spycam – for the love of God, will someone buy this man an Xbox or something.

As he overhears a conversation between her and his love rival, Josh, Steven realises his despicable plan is working a charm.

Thinking that there’s still a chance for his relationship to work, Steven decides to press ahead with his plan.

However, he doesn’t anticipate Lauren’s dad, Max, getting involved. Max becomes suspicious after Lauren confides in him about Steven.

Could this be the start of a very unpleasant friendship? (credit: BBC)

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Deciding to get to the bottom of what’s going on, Max decides to start doing a bit of digging. But what will he do if he finds out the truth?

Knowing how hell bent Max is on revenge, we’ll take a wager that nothing good can come out of this situation, especially for Lauren.

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