EastEnders SPOILER: Steven takes on Josh

Is Josh in danger when an angry Steven confronts him?

Ok, so we all know quite well that Steven Beale has something of a dark side, right? In case you’ve forgotten, he once kidnapped Ian and held him hostage.

Steven is NOT A HAPPY BUNNY FYI (credit: BBC)

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While Ian was locked up, he made a move on Jane. He later shot her in the stomach. What a gem.

More recently, we’ve seen him install a tracking device on Lauren’s phone and stab a load of holes in his condoms so she fell pregnant.

Next week sees Steven teeter more on the edge when he confronts Lauren’s boss, Josh Hemmings, after catching the pair deep in conversation outside the Vic.

To make matters worse, he’s just found out from Abi that Lauren secretly aborted his baby – he didn’t even know she was pregnant!

Steven tells Abi some home truths (credit: BBC)

He then falls out with Abi after telling her some home truths. Ooh good, wind Abi up. We like it when she goes to the dark side.

Seething Steve (ooh, that’s got quite a good ring to it) gets Josh alone and warns him off Lauren. Will it be enough?

We know that Josh is engaged, but Eddie Eyre, who plays the hunky businessman, has admitted that he definitely wants to split Lauren and Steven up.

He told “Lauren is definitely having second thoughts about Steven since she met Josh. We’ve seen that in how she behaves around him. And I feel that Josh definitely wants to split them up.

“He’s got definite feelings for Lauren. He’s not messing her about – he’d like something a bit more. So fingers crossed for him!”

Josh has his sights set on Lauren (credit: BBC)

But, after his shock reveal that he’s about to get married, will Lauren be able to forgive him for deceiving her again?

She was pretty peeved at him when she discovered he was the boss of Weyland & co, rather than just the photocopy boy, remember?

Meanwhile, fans think that Steven would be a better match with Abi, instead of her sister and are already speculating about a steamy affair between the too.

Last week, viewers saw Abi turn up at the Beales’ even though she knew full well Lauren was at work.

She pretended she wanted her sister’s help on her 21st birthday party invite, but then asked Steven to aid her instead.

As she flirted her way through the afternoon, telling him how talented he was and dropping hints left, right and centre that Lauren wasn’t being entirely truthful with him, she eventually came right out and said it: “It’s funny, on paper we make the perfect couple,” as she talked about wanting kids.

Is there an affair on the cards for these two? (credit: BBC)

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Steven laughed her off and told her she was a bit young to be having kids as she was barely out of school. Abi looked crushed – and annoyed.

But fans don’t think this rejection will be enough to deter her. In fact, they’re pretty convinced the two are going to have an affair and Abi will become pregnant with Steven’s baby.

But for now, is Josh in danger?

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