EastEnders SPOILER: Stacey keeps baby secret after her scan

She and Martin are overjoyed they're set to become parents again, but what's worrying her?

Stacey and Martin Fowler are thrilled to see their baby at their scan in next week’s EastEnders.

But something is troubling Stace, will Martin help her deal with her fears?

Apart from Stacey telling Martin’s sister, Michelle Fowler, they’ve so far kept their pregnancy news a secret.

As they attend their first scan, the couple are excited to see their baby on the screen for the first time, and happy to discover everything’s okay with their unborn child.

But as the pair return home, an overjoyed Martin wants to make a big announcement to everybody about their news, but Stacey isn’t so sure.

She admits to her hubby she’s worried how everyone will react to the news she’s expecting given what happened last time.

When Stacey gave birth to Arthur, she suffering post-partum psychosis.

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The heartbreaking scenes saw her completely overwhelmed with delusions and paranoia. She convinced herself Arthur was the son of God and she needed to keep him safe from the devil.

After she climbed onto the roof of The Vic with the baby in her arms, Martin finally realised something was wrong, and got her checked into hospital.

She’s made huge progress since then and has been very careful in making sure she does all the right things for her latest pregnancy.

The pair have taken all the right advice and followed it to the letter, but Stacey’s still concerned.

She doesn’t want half the Square judging her (even though not one of them have the right to given they’re hardly perfect!) and knows she and Martin have got some challenges ahead without all eyes on them.

Asking him to keep it to themselves for now, so they can deal with it without all the attention, Martin agrees to keep the secret.

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But he’s bursting with pride – will he really be able to keep schtum for long? And just how right is Stacey to be worried?

Show boss Sean O’Connor has revealed he has big plans for Stacey, telling “I absolutely love Martin and Stacey. Joining together two of the most successful families from the show’s history – the Fowlers and the Slaters – was a touch of genius.

“They seem so like every other normal young couple, trying hard to make a living and raise a complex family.”

He promised a huge storyline for them – but is it related to her pregnancy?