EastEnders SPOILER: Sonia FINALLY returns to save Bex

It's about time

At last – Sonia Fowler is returning to Walford to support her daughter Bex through her difficult time.

Bex has been suffering at the hands of school bullies Alexandra and Madison, as well as her supposed mate Louise Mitchell.

Sonia’s been away in Kettering since last year, a storyline that was cooked up when actress Natalie Cassidy left to have her second child. She gave birth to a little girl, Joanie, in August.

Bex remained in Walford living with dad Martin Fowler and her stepmum Stacey Fowler. But things haven’t been easy for her.

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The subject of vicious girls bullying her, she was also the victim of a revenge porn scheme after Louise shared a naked photo of Shakil from Bex’s phone and Keegan Baker retaliated.

When Bex sought solace in newcomer Preston Cooper, she ended up heartbroken after discovering he was sleeping with her aunt, Michelle Fowler!

But Sonia’s return signals a new era for the schoolgirl who is pleased to see her mum is back.

As Sonia pushes Bex for information on what’s been happening, she’s horrified to hear Louise has been involved in the bullying and goes straight to the school to make her feelings on the matter perfectly clear.

Over at the Mitchells’, when Sharon finds out what’s been going on she’s disgusted with Lou’s behaviour and reads her the riot act.

It seems to work as Louise is left feeling guilty, finally realising the affect her actions have had on her friend.

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Sharon makes it clear Lou needs to apologise to Bex, but Louise isn’t sure her mate will want to listen.

However, a visit from Sonia makes her see she has to swallow her pride and do the right thing – for once.

But Bex has no interest in forgiving her – we can’t really blame her – and gives Louise short shrift.

Sharon and Michelle end up intervening and setting the girls up to see each other at the allotments.

Will a session of weeding and planting be enough to help them work it out?

And now Sonia’s back, will Bex feel better about everything with her mum to talk to?