EastEnders SPOILER: Shirley quits!

She says bye to the Vic after a fall-out with Mick

Ever since Fi Browning took over as manager of the Vic, there has been a clear personality clash between her and spiky Shirley Carter.

Shirley isn’t happy with Mick (credit: BBC)

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Next week sees the bad blood between the pair hit an all-time high when Fi tells Mick she thinks Shirley is scaring off the customers.

We hate to admit it, but she might have a point.

Fi also pulls Shirley up on the way she helps herself to the pub’s booze, telling Mick it’s basically stealing.

Mick is left in a bit of a quandary on how to broach the subject with Shirley, who can be a little bit volatile at times.

But will she really quit the Vic? (credit: BBC)

What are we saying? Shirley has a fuse as long as a match-stick and Mick knows only too well how his mum will react.

But it looks like the decision is taken out of his hands, when Shirley overhears Mick and Fi talking about her role at the pub.

Predictably, Shirl is less than happy about what’s been said and tells Mick she wants to quit the pub. She makes it clear that she wants to stay living there though.

How will that work out when there’s clearly tension between the pair – will it spill out into their home life too?

And what will Shirley have to say to Fi who, quite frankly, is dicing with danger for rubbing Shirley up the wrong way.

We’re also starting to get a little bit suspicious of Fi’s meddling in the staffing situation at the Vic. She’s already got rid of Tracey the barmaid, Sharon was sent packing and now Shirley’s off too.

What’s Fi REALLY up to?? (credit: BBC)

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Is there more to Fi than meets the eye? Hmmmm?