EASTENDERS SPOILER: Shirley and Whitney have a face off

Watch out folks - Shirley is on the warpath and Whitney's going to get it between the eyes!

It happens to everyone in EastEnders at some point.

They’re coasting along dealing with life and then out of the blue their world comes crashing down around them and their lives are suddenly spiralling out of control.

Since she split from her hubby on Valentine’s Day, Whitney has been going through the worst of it and has been acting like she’s about to have breakdown.

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Not only that, when Mic returned to The Vic last week, she was all over him like a rash and shared a tender kiss with him, which the rascal didn’t seem to mind all that much.

Now, it looks like Whitney will go head to head with Shirley in a spat that is to be aired this week.

In Monday’s episode the pair get into a massive barney, with Shirley accusing Whitney of trying to worm her way into the Carter family.

From the look of the spoiler pictures, Shirley looks mental while Whitney doesn’t look like she’s fighting back in any way.

And who would, when you have Shirley’s screwed up face staring down at you?

Tensions have been building between the two women for a while, but it remains to be seen if Shirley has sensed anything about Whitney’s relationship with Mick.

Has she found out about the kiss they shared last week? If so, we reckon Whitney’s life won’t be worth living.

Meanwhile, last week show runner Sean O’Connor said viewers can look forward to a special three-hander episode featuring Whitney, Linda and Mick.

It would seem that no sooner is Linda back in the Square than she will find out what is going on between Mick and Whitney.

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Sean says the episode is full of drama and emotion and Shona McGarty who plays Whitney is sensational.

“Shona McGarty as Whitney is absolutely incredible,” Sean told Metro recently. “She’s a wonderfully gifted actress – she can do pain like nobody’s business but she has such warmth and humour too.

“Wherever she is in a scene – if she is collecting glasses, or breaking her heart – the camera just loves her.