EastEnders SPOILER: Sharon demands answers, but makes a shocking discovery in the process

No one really knows what's going on

After last week’s allegations of assault against Keegan Baker, Sharon Mitchell is determined to get to the bottom of whatever it is that’s gone on between him and stepdaughter Louise Mitchell this week.

But she gets far more than she bargained for when she heads round to see the Taylors and demands answers.

The Taylor family moved into the Square last Thursday and it wasn’t long before pretty much everyone on the Square was annoyed by them and their loud, unruly behaviour.

The Taylors have arrived – and don’t we know it! (Credit: BBC)

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The biggest shock about their arrival however, was that local bad boy Keegan was actually related to them.

Keegan was causing plenty of trouble of his own when he got into an altercation with Louise and her boyfriend Travis Law-Hughes at the bus stop and it resulted in Keegan claiming he’d slept with Louise.

Lou had no recollection of it as it supposedly happened at the party where her drink was spiked and she was too out of it to know what she’d done. But Keegan seemed to know intimate details of her body that he couldn’t really have known without having seen it.

Louise thought she was drinking non-alcoholic cocktails (Credit: BBC)

After she was dumped by Travis and went to the sexual health clinic, Louise realised if they had had sex it had been without her consent so it was therefore rape.

When best friend Bex Fowler finally made her tell Sharon, Sharon insisted Lou report it to the police and together they went through the whole process.

But Sharon couldn’t resist going round to confront Karen Taylor when she found out who Keegan’s mother was and ended up getting a smack in the mouth for her trouble.

Karen gave Sharon a smack (Credit: BBC)

She might have been all brazen about it on the outside, but when Keegan returned home, Karen was furious with him insisting if Louise had been too drunk to consent he had raped her.

Keegan then dropped the bombshell that he’d made the whole thing up because he fancied Louise and wanted to split her and Travis up. Hint: There are probably better ways to win a girl over, Keegan.

His smile faded when the cops showed up and arrested him for rape – and his mum got taken in as well for assault.

With no one knowing who’s telling the truth, Sharon is determined to get to the bottom of the whole mess and heads over to the Taylors’ to find out exactly what happened at Madison’s party.

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Sharon learns some surprising information from Karen and Keegan (Credit: BBC)

But some surprising information is about to come out that throws everything into a new light. What has Sharon found out? And what does this mean for Louise?

We already know another secret about the Taylors and why they’ve really moved to Walford is set to come out.

It quickly became clear on Friday that they know the police very well, but does that have something to do with whatever they’re hiding?

Is that what Sharon’s discovered? Or will it be something else? Something that perhaps will finally put an end to the nasty campaign bullies Madison and Alexandra are waging against Louise?