EastEnders SPOILER: Robbie Jackson gets dumped in a dustbin

Oh what a hoot, EastEnders does comedy!

Life is always grim in EastEnders, so whenever the writers try to inject a bit of humour, they like to do it with a sledgehammer.

And this week, viewers can expect to split their sides during a scene that EE bosses hope will relieve the general doom and gloom of the Square.

As you know, the show’s resident joke Robbie Jackson is back in Walford and has been causing a right old stink in the market as the newest market inspector

Since he took over from Carmel, he has been issuing orders around and rubbing the market traders up the wrong way.

Kush and Martin are so frustrated with Robbie, they take action (Credit: BBC)

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But this week the hard working stall holders can take no more of his demanding ways and take matters into their own hands.

Martin and Kush become so irritated by Robbie that they grab him, march him across the Square and chuck him in a rubbish dumpster full of rotten vegetables.

Robbie gets carried across the square… (Credit: BBC)

See, we said you’d be picking your sides up!

BBC bosses are no doubt hoping that bringing back a bin storyline will attract more viewers after it was revealed that ratings have plunged to an all-time low of under 4million.

…and gets dumped in a dustbin (Credit: BBC)

Show boss Sean O’Connor recently left the series amid rumours that he may have been given the push.

While the official line was he had quit to pursue pre-planned film projects, some stars have made it clear he wasn’t popular on the show.

EastEnders legend Ross Kemp told The Sun: “He reminded me of a sort of schoolteacher of a kind of third-rate public school.

“That’s not really what you want for the cast of EastEnders.”

Ross Kemp has slated EastEnders exiting producer! (Credit: ITV)

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Speaking about how the troubled show can be revived, he added: “You write it well, you cast it well and you do the right things – and you don’t abuse certain members, i.e. you don’t work them into the ground, which is what happened.”

Clearly no fan of the man, he is at least grateful that Sean didn’t kill off Grant Mitchell, like he did Ronnie and Roxy.

“It’s great they haven’t killed Grant off,” he said.

“I’m very happy the Mitchell brothers are still alive and hopefully they will ride again at some point.”