EastEnders SPOILER: Robbie and Sonia’s new home revealed

Dot is worried that the council will crack down on her

Well, could anyone be more excited about where the EastEnders returnees are going to reside? Yes, you could? Don’t care, gonna tell you anyway.

Will Sonia and Tina reunite? (credit: BBC)

So, we’ve recently seen the Jackson siblings return to Walford after several years away. Sonia, as we know, has been living the dream in Kettering.

Robbie, we think, has been living it up in Milton Keynes with Bianca and her brood. Although, we’re not sure of anything anymore.

ANYWAY, let’s just throw all that aside and just enjoy the fact that Robbie and Sonia are back together and as delightfully dippy as usual.

The siblings are hoping that they’ll be ok to move into Dot’s amazing expanding house with her, so they can keep an eye on her and pay minimal rent, we bet.

While Dot is more than happy to have OTHER PEOPLE in her house, we’re not quite sure the council and their strict new BEDROOM POLICY will be quite as flexible.

Can super Sonia find a way to by pass the actual law of the land – or will Bex just refuse to move in with her?

Sonai’s back for good this time (credit: BBC)

There’s also the chance that Sonia’s ex-lover, Tina, could be joining them in the flat if recent reports are to be believed.

Sonia and Tina were in a long term relationship before Son left for Kettering, leaving Tina to care for her dementia suffering mum, Sylvie.

At the time it felt like Sonia left Tina when she needed her the most, but will Sonia remember it like that in hindsight?

The strain of looking after Sylvie was one of the problems in the girls’ relationship, as well as the fact fun-loving Tina ended up cheating on Sonia.

Son also wanted to be more grown up and possibly have another baby, something Tina wasn’t keen on at all. Eventually their differences drove them apart.

But Sonia turning up at Sylvie’s funeral really meant the world to Teen, who is pleased to see her ex back in Walford again.

Will Bex choose mum or dad? (credit: BBC)

Will the pair recouple or has too much water passed under the bridge?

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