EastEnders SPOILER: Prison for Jack after Charlie attack?

He lashed out on Friday and things won't look good for him in court

Things aren’t looking good for EastEnders Jack Branning following Friday night’s assault on Charlie Cotton.

Jack punched Charlie in the face after Charlie insulted Jack’s late wife Ronnie Mitchell. But this has all played into Charlie’s hands very nicely as he prepares to fight for custody of Matthew.

Jack couldn’t contain his temper when Charlie goaded him (Credit: BBC)

Charlie has been winding Jack up ever since he arrived back in Walford. We all know that Max Branning is the one pulling the strings and encouraging Charlie to go into battle for Matthew, despite pretending to Jack he’s on his side.

As Jack came away from a meeting with his solicitor on Friday about the residency fight feeling positive, things soon turned sour when Charlie suggested that Dot had been the one to call him here and wasn’t on Jack’s side at all.

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Jack’s solicitor felt he had a good case (Credit: BBC)

Dot had originally told Jack about Charlie’s plans and Jack has believed her to be on his side. Poor Dot’s completely stuck in the middle and has no idea who to support.

But while Max tried to calm Jack down, Charlie went too far when he goaded Jack by saying Ronnie deserved everything she got.

Has Jack ruined everything by lashing out? (Credit: BBC)

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Jack lost it and punched Charlie, only stopping when Max came out and held him back.

Of course, this was exactly what Charlie wanted, and we know from the recent BBC trailer that Jack’s going to end up facing the police for the assault.

Although he denies doing it, there were witnesses, including Honey Mitchell who was stunned to see Jack’s violent outburst. And with Charlie sporting a right shiner, it’s really not looking good.

A stint in the slammer has him worried (Credit: BBC)

Jack seems to know that in fact, because in one of the clips, he’s telling the kids they’re going far away where no one can find them so they don’t lose Matthew.

Is this really a good idea, Jack? Surely you’re only going to make things worse.

Jack feels he has no choice but to flee Walford with the kids (Credit: BBC)

Pictures recently circulated of Charlie having potentially kidnapped Matthew. Does he take him away before Jack can?

With Jack still struggling without wife Ronnie, how will he cope when he finds out Max is the one scheming behind his back? Will it be one betrayal too many?