EastEnders SPOILER: Phil Mitchell’s return CONFIRMED

All will be right in Walford again

EastEnders fans can breathe a sigh of relief: legend Phil Mitchell is coming back to Walford and he’s already started filming.

Sharon Marshall confirmed the news on her soap section on This Morning last week and now more details have emerged.

Phil will come back a changed man, apparently, and have something huge to deal with as soon as he’s home.

Phil’s back to big trouble (Credit: BBC)

Could it be related to his daughter Louise, who has been targeted by school bullies in recent episodes?

With the bullies finally getting exposed for how horrible they really are at last week’s school showcase, Alexandra and Madison are out for revenge this week at the school prom.

And looking at the newly-released trailer from EastEnders, it could be MURDER.

There’s definitely a suggestion that Louise Mitchell could die…

Things start off brilliantly for Lou and best mate Bex Fowler. They’re both excitedly planning their outfits, and both end up with dates.

Travis is determined to win Louise back, so invites her along, and Shakhil Kazemi asks Bex to go with him.

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Are Bex and Shaks just good friends? (Credit: BBC)

Shaks and Bex have had a rocky time after they broke up due to all the lies and games surrounding their relationship, but they agree to put the past behind them and go as just good friends. Aw!

Can Kush help with Louise’s dress disaster? (Credit: BBC)

Disaster strikes for Louise when she discovers someone else has the same dress as her. At the social event of the year? Not cool.

But Bex steps in to save the day and soon the happy twosome are getting themselves dolled up for a night of fun.

The girls take extra special care over their appearance for the evening (Credit: BBC)
And it works, the girls look radiant (Credit: BBC)

As the guys arrive to collect their dates it’s all smiles – even when they see their transport for the evening – Billy Mitchell in a clapped out three-wheeler. All class!

It’s fair to say the transport isn’t exactly a limo (Credit: BBC)

They arrive at the venue and teacher Mr Price gets things underway. The teens happily hang out as the band takes to the stage and it looks like they’re having a blast.

It’s party time – will Mr P get his groove on? (Credit: BBC)

But in the background is Keegan. He’s upset to see Louise with Travis after trying everything he could to ruin their relationship because he wants Lou for himself.

Jealous Keegan watches Louise with intent (Credit: BBC)

Wanting to ruin the night also are Alexandra and Madison. The school bullies clearly haven’t had enough of making Louise and Bex’s life hell with all the rumours and tormenting they’ve done, so now they want to step things up even further.

Alex and Mads are determined to ruin everyone’s evening (Credit: BBC)

The teens are oblivious to what the girls are planning, but this time it’s huge. Teaming up with Keegan, they put their plan into action.

It’s fair to say even the girls don’t expect things to go as far as they do, but once things are spiralling out of control, they have no way of stopping them.

The clip sees the bullies plotting… and then Louise in agony on the floor… then Bex at hospital looking shell-shocked.

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So is Phil heading back to Walford to stand vigil by his little girl’s hospital bedside? Or mourn her passing at her funeral?

With life-changing consequences set to be suffered following the bullies’ prank, is Phil going to go all out for revenge?

There’s definitely been a Phil-shaped hole in the EastEnders cast of late as actor Steve McFadden took a break after a long year of draining and challenging storylines, including Peggy’s death and Phil’s liver transplant.

It was recently reported that Steve was refusing to come back from his break as outgoing producer Sean O’Connor has planned to kill of Billy Mitchell.

This, apparently, resulted in some high drama and O’Connor’s subsequent – and swift – departure.

However, a rep for EastEnders has said: “There is no truth to this story and these alleged conversations have never taken place.”

Well, thank Goodness for that, then!

O’Connor ‘quit’ after barely a year at the helm last month.

Sean was only back at EastEnders for a year (Credit: PA)

He wanted to concentrate on his passion, feature films, it was stated.

However, The Sun is reporting that there was far more drama behind the producer’s departure.

The tabloid is claiming that O’Connor was actually given the heave-ho.

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