EastEnders SPOILER: More drama for the Taylors as Karen faces arrest

They're never far from trouble, are they?

They’ve been off screen for a couple of weeks, but trouble just seems to follow the Taylor family around in EastEnders.

As the whole clan find themselves in deep next week, Karen looks like she’s about to be arrested once again. Will Keanu step in and save her? And what will that mean for his own future?

Keanu’s the one responsible, but will he own up? (Credit: BBC)

The eldest son seems to be the only one determined to stay on the straight and narrow. He knuckles down at his apprenticeship and cares a huge amount for his whole family, especially sister Bernadette (though thankfully only in a brother/sister way despite recent speculation).

But he also has a naughty side and was instrumental in the theft of Arthur’s bench from the Square. And it’s that act of rebellion that sees the family in a pickle next week.

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Bernadette wants to do the best for her baby (Credit: BBC)

It all begins with pregnant Bernadette desperate to provide a life of luxury for her unborn baby.

When she realises expensive baby items are well out of the family’s reach, she comes up with her own idea to sort out their financial situation. Realistically, whatever a 15-year-old comes up with can’t be a good idea, but EastEnders are staying tight-lipped over the exact nature of her plan.

Whatever it is, it’s not long before a social worker is on the doorstep – though that might just be because she’s a pregnant teen.

When the social worker spots the stolen bench, she decides to report Karen and have her arrested.

Karen’s set to be arrested, unless any of her family step in (Credit: BBC)

Prior to this however, Keanu has already decided the joke has gone too far now and it’s time to return the bench anyway, especially after overhearing a conversation between Michelle and Martin about their dad, who the bench was dedicated to.

But he doesn’t have chance before the police arrive and arrest Karen – will Keanu step in and take the blame to save her some jail time?

And if he does, will his actions have even further reaching consequences than he thought as he faces a meeting at the end of the week about his apprenticeship?

Will Keanu get good news? (Credit: BBC)

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The hunk has really been enjoying his job, but as he waits to hear from his boss whether or not they’ll be taking him on permanently, could the bench theft come back to haunt him already?

Poor Keanu’s the only one who’s tried to do right all the time, but if he faces losing everything over one silly mistake, could it send him out of control?

Keegan’s the one who’s currently the bad boy, but will Keanu turn if he can’t see any other way?