EastEnders SPOILER: Mick’s world crumbles

Things are going from bad to worse for The Vic landlord.

Things aren’t looking good for EastEnders’ Mick Carter as his money troubles continue to mount and then disaster strikes.

Mick’s already feeling the pinch after paying off son Lee’s debts by taking out payday loans.

But as he struggles to keep his head above water, he gets news that changes everything.

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It all starts when The Queen Vic hosts a quiz night to raise some much-needed funds. Firstly, Tina allows Sylvie to get up on stage and perform a song after Mick expressly told her she wasn’t allowed.

But that’s not the worst of it because soon a leak in the pub’s roof causes water to come pouring in on the punters.

Forking out for roof repairs is the last thing Mick needs and as he awaits news on just how much structural damage there is to his beloved boozer he gets more bad news that might just tip him over the edge.

Later in the week, the Carters fall further into crisis when Mick finds out that Babe’s been up to no good – again.

She’s been isolating the customers and has even had a go at Ian Beale when she assumed he’d fallen asleep at the bar.

Knowing he can’t afford to anger his regulars, Mick gives Babe another stern warning. But she’s on her hundredth chance already, surely her number’s up?

Drowning in debt, is Mick going to have to sell up to get himself out of the red?

With no Linda to turn to as Elaine continues to need her care, Mick’s all alone in his plight.

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Everything is falling apart around him – quite literally in the roof’s case – and he needs to pull something out of the bag fast.

Who will Mick turn to as things continue to go south?

Last week fans were upset at the possibility of Mick and Whitney having an affair.

The landlord is growing closer to his daughter-in-law as they both struggle with the fallout from Lee’s behaviour.

With Linda not coming back any time soon, and the money worries crippling them, will Mick seek comfort in Whitney’s arms? And will an affair see Mick really lose everything?