EastEnders SPOILER: Mick rages at Woody in explosive scenes

He lashes out at the newcomer after catching him in bed with Whitney

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Mick Carter arrived back in Walford last night and EastEnders fans were cheering.

He burst in on Whitney and Woody having a spot of how’s your father in his bed and tonight he makes his feelings on that matter perfectly clear.

Mick wasn’t impressed with his eyeful (Credit: BBC)

Mick gets violent as he and Woody have a confrontation in the lounge at The Vic. It might have something to do with the fact Woody’s wearing Linda’s pink dressing gown, which only Mick gets to wear.

As Mick throws the first punch, he lets his feelings about Woody be known when he then throws him out of the pub.

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Mick punches first, asks questions later (Credit: BBC)

To make matters worse, a mortified Whitney watches the whole thing with Shirley and Johnny while wrapped in Mick’s duvet.

With a bleeding nose and a bruised ego, is this the last we’ll see of Woody? And what would that mean for his fledgling romance with Whitney?

And just why was Mick so upset about it? Was it because it was in his bed? Or is it more because it was Whitney?

If he’s on this short a fuse already, it’s not looking good for when he finds out what else has been going on with the pub behind his back.

Mick’s temper got the better of him (Credit: BBC)

Last night saw Whitney do a full 360 bounce-back as she told Johnny her life was gonna be on the up from now on – Lee had moved on, so was she.

She got dolled up in her Funday finest and headed out for some retail therapy – a.k.a nicking in Whit’s warped world.

After doing a bit of a rob in a department store she strutted out buzzing, then set her Magpie eyes on a shiny bracelet.

Whit’s found a way to cheer herself up (Credit: BBC)

But she’d been spotted by a security guard in the shop and he came after her…

Luckily for her, Woody just happened to be in the shopping arcade, 10 feet away from Whitney just as she found herself in bovver. As she broke into a run – in her spiky high heels – he distracted the guard.

Back at The Vic, Whit’s adrenaline was clearly pumping as she made moves on Woody.

He was a little reluctant at first – maybe tea-leafing doesn’t turn HIM on – but he eventually succumbed.

She’s found two ways to cheer herself up (Credit: BBC)

Next thing viewers knew, they were post-coital – and more than a little sheepish – in MICK AND LINDA’S BED!!!!!

Shocked faces all round (Credit: BBC)

The cheek of it.

Suddenly the door burst open and there was Mick, doing The Look.

This was a massive shock to viewers as well as the new lovers, as we’d all been expecting Mr Carter to make his on-screen return tonight.

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So tonight he’s really set to make his presence felt.

Welcome back, Mick, we missed ya!