EastEnders SPOILER: Mick loses it when he finds out the truth

He's not a happy boy

We can’t really blame Mick Carter for losing the plot when he discovers what his wife and mother have done behind his back.

It’s Shirley who’s set to take the brunt of his anger as he lashes out after finding out just who owns The Vic now.

Mick’s oblivious to his family’s betrayal (Credit: BBC)

Mick arrives back in Walford at the end of this week, but by the beginning of next, he still doesn’t know Shirley signed over the freehold of the pub without his consent.

At the time, she thought she was doing the right thing raising the cash to repair the roof and give Lady Di the life-saving surgery she needed.

But we all knew Max Branning was secretly pulling the strings, determined to bring the Carters down (we’re not 100 per cent sure why though!).

With Mick back in town, Johnny and the others urge Shirley to ‘fess up to forging Mick’s signature, but she stalls, and unfortunately for her the truth comes out in dramatic fashion.

Mick’s chatting to Fi Browning behind the bar, with no idea she’s his new boss. And when he finds out, things get more than a little bit awkward.

Shirley wants Mick to hear her out (Credit: BBC)

A fuming Mick can’t believe what Shirley’s done, and tells her how unhappy he is.

She tries to explain herself, but he doesn’t want to know.

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Mick’s desperate to find a loophole in the contract (Credit: BBC)

Instead, he sits down with the paperwork to try to find any sort of loophole to get them out of this contract.

It’s looking pretty hopeless though and Mick is eventually forced to have a meeting with Fi to talk things through. Will she manage to charm her way into his good books?

He meets with Fi to discuss everything (Credit: BBC)

Shirley is certainly a long way from being back in those. Mick can’t believe his mum has betrayed him to such an extent and is struggling to find it in him to forgive her – even if her reasons were honourable.

“This is Mick’s worst nightmare,” an EastEnders source told Inside Soap Magazine, also adding:

“Mick has no idea Shirley actually told Linda what she was going to do.”

Eek, so if he’s angry now, imagine how furious he’s going to be when he does find out his own wife was in on the betrayal.

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Whitney wants to be his shoulder to cry on – in more ways than one (Credit: BBC)

Always wanting to be Mick’s rock, Whitney is never far away as he starts to meltdown over his predicament. As she tries to play peacemaker, he ends up lashing out at her as well.

But with Linda’s part in the plan only a matter of episodes away from being revealed, will it be Whit he turns to in his hour of need?

Will this push them closer together? And does it mean Whitney will finally get what she wants: Mick Carter?