EastEnders SPOILER: Max to take Lauren down

What lengths will Max Branning go to in his revenge bid on Walford?

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EastEnders fans are well aware that Max Branning has some questionable morals at times. But would he really go as far as sabotaging his own daughter, Lauren, in his bid to take down Walford?

It certainly looks that way – he’s clearly rattled by her applying for a job at his company and doesn’t seem to care if he ruins her dreams by standing in her way. But why doesn’t Max want Lauren working with him? What is he trying to hide?

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Lauren’s got a lot going on at the moment. There’s the upcoming interview, the flirtation with Josh, her ailing relationship with Steven and her dissatisfaction at the idea of just being a baby machine.

Next week, she makes it clear to Steven that she intends to get a full time job.

Harassed Lauren, then starts to bicker with Abi while they’re having a drink with their dad. He tells the girls that they need to put themselves first.

But then he discovers something and secretly starts to meddle in Lauren’s future. Is he really hiding something, or is he getting revenge on his own daughter for not stepping up when he went to jail for Lucy’s murder knowing he was innocent?

Later, Lauren and Steven’s romantic evening together is interrupted when Lauren gets a surprise.

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Fans have been wondering about Max’s slow-burning revenge plan since his return at Christmas when he had a mystery meeting up the Shard.

Since then, there have been lots of theories going around, including one that he’s secretly teaming up with Aunt Babe, to take down the Carters.

Max spent over a year in prison for Lucy’s murder, while pretty much everyone in Walford knew the truth about Bobby Beale, in the lounge, with the music box.

We were shocked when he returned and made amends with Phil Mitchell and Ian and Jane – the main people responsible for his jail stint.

But we realised things weren’t quite what they seemed when he put a cigarette out on his arm, revealing more self-harm scars on his body.

So is Lauren about to become another pawn in Max’s game?