EastEnders SPOILER: Max Branning tries it on with TWO Walford women

He's always been greedy when it came to women!

We were expecting Max Branning to return to Walford this Christmas with fire in his belly and hatred in his heart.

Frankly, we’d have been gunning for Ian Beale if he’d let us go to prison for a crime – murder, no less – that he knew we hadn’t committed.

However, have no fear about the suave salesman having gone soft. He just knows that revenge is best served cold.

For now, he’s busy trying to worm his way back into the affections of ex love Stacey – and seemingly convince newbie (to him) Michelle of his charms.

Or perhaps this is all tied into his vengeance plot…

One thing’s for sure, he gets a kick out of seeing how much his cosy chats with Stacey and Michelle wind up Martin Fowler.

In an upcoming New Year episode, he has a face like a smacked Kim K when he finds his missus chewing the fat with her ex in their kitchen.

“What’s wrong with you?” Stacey asks as Martin gets all proprietorial over his wife and sister.

She doesn’t know the ‘alf of it.

Max is evidently an excellent poker player, as he’s managed not to let slip any cruel intentions towards those residents of Walford who betrayed him.

But as the trailer for New Year’s Eve reveals, Ian reveals to Jane that they received a sinister note after receiving flowers ‘from Lucy’.

It read: “Never forget.”

Now who could that be from?!

Perhaps Phil Mitchell should watch his back first though – Stacey has let slip how he helped to keep Max behind bars.

There will be now New Year’s forgive and forget for some this 2017…