EastEnders SPOILER: Louise reaches out to Phil over her bullying

Come on Louise, these are NOT NICE GIRLS!

Urgh, it must be a full moon because the evil witches of Walford High are out stirring their spiteful cauldrons again.

Time for Louise to call in the Don (credit: BBC)

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And, as much as we ADORE Louise Mitchell (mostly because she’s another generation of Mitchell), she’s been a bit of a donut as far as Alexandra and Madison are concerned.

Despite the two mean girls lying to her about spiking her drink and backing up Keegan’s lies about having sex with her, Lou has kept the terrible two in her inner circle.

But it seems Louise has had enough of the school bullies when she calls dad Phil in a desperate state and tells him she wants to move schools.

Louise, who has been the subject of playground gossip recently, pulls out of the school play and is devastated when Alex takes her role and gets to snog Travis on stage.


Louise is gutted that Alex has basically jumped in her grave, but can’t bring herself to say anything after the way Alex and Madison treated Bex.

Poor Lou is fed up and feel the only way she’ll be able to move on is by changing schools. Sob.

By Friday, Sharon finds out that Louise has gone over her head and has contacted Phil in Italy, before discussing it with her first.

Chill out Shazza.

What we all really want to know is if bullies threatening his baby girl is enough to bring Phil back to Walford?

Has everyone forgotten who her dad is? (credit: BBC)

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If it is, then we are there with bells on because, there is no soap revenge like a Phil Mitchell soap revenge.

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