EastEnders SPOILER: Louise in trouble as bullies step things up

Their latest plot sees things spiral out of control

Louise Mitchell is the new target of bullies Alexandra and Madison in EastEnders.

And next week they’re going to set Louise up to take an almighty fall. Will she realise they’re up to no good before it’s too late?

After Sonia Fowler stormed in and made sure the school took her daughter, Bex’s, bullying claims seriously, Alexandra and Madison have turned their attentions to Louise instead.

Lou has made up with Bex, but thinks she has the best of both worlds as she’s still friends with the mean girls. But she has no idea they’re secretly plotting against her.

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They’ve started off small – stealing her school books so it she ended up getting a detention for not having them with her, and it looks like they’re plotting to stop her taking part in the school showcase that she’s so looking forward to.

Next week the trio are up to their old tricks together as they see Michelle Fowler on her community service and make fun of her as she’s cleaning the Square.

When they then come across Bex and Travis busking together, it’s obvious Louise still has a crush on him. Alexandra and Madison start to plot when they realise this and things are about to get very ugly.

Louise is suffering at home too, when Michelle and Sharon come back drunk and memories of Phil’s alcoholism come flooding back, making her sad.

She turns to her supposed friends for support and they suggest a girls’ night in to celebrate Alexandra’s birthday – at Lou’s house.

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She clears it with Sharon, but as Louise bakes a cake and thinks it’ll just be the three of them, Bex overhears the bullies inviting Travis to a party that same night.

She’s immediately suspicious, but by the time Louise realises what’s going on, the house is already full of people.

With crowds of teenagers on her doorstep, barging their way into her house, Louise knows Alexandra and Madison have set her up.

As the party spirals drastically out of control, Louise finds herself facing a huge disaster. Can she keep it together and get rid of everybody?

Have Alexandra and Madison had their wicked revenge now? Or are they only just getting started?

We can’t imagine Sharon’s going to be too happy when she comes home to find her house trashed. Will she be the one to take action?