EastEnders SPOILER: Linda and Shirley betray Mick

Can Shirl really go through with it?

With Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter currently away caring for his injured daughter, Nancy, the Carters are facing more tough times than ever at the pub.

The roof’s collapsed, Lady Di needs urgent medical care or she’ll die, and Shirley is forced to take drastic action next week.

She’s about to betray Mick’s wishes, but the worst part is, Mick’s wife, Linda, is in on it too.

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So we all know Max Branning is wanting to take revenge on Walford and all who wronged him, and we’d seen him meet with the mysterious Chairman, where they discussed the fact The Vic was the next target on Max’s hit list.

When Mick was around and the Carters were struggling financially, Max suggested his company could buy the freehold of the pub off them.

Mick wasn’t interested though, insisting it was his business and his home and he’d manage without resorting to that.

But Max swooped back in on Friday night and made the same offer to Shirley.

Surrounded by debris from the collapse, dripping water and with poorly Lady Di at her feet, Shirley at first said:

“Mick wouldn’t stand for that.”

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But as Max pointed out Mick wasn’t there and they needed to do something, Shirl looked seriously tempted as the duff duffs rang out.

Confiding in Woody next week, Shirley tells him things might be easier if she let Lady Di go – noooooo!

Woody agrees with us and reminds Shirl just how much the dog means to Mick and Linda. Knowing he’s right, Shirley decides to phone Linda and pitches the selling of the freehold idea to her.

Surprisingly, Linda agrees it’s the right move, but says they need to keep it a secret from Mick for now.

As Shirl rounds up the rest of the clan to tell them what she’s planning, Whitney is not impressed and worried about how Mick will react.

Ever the lapdog, Whit decides to give Mick a call and let him know what’s going on behind his back. Woody catches her in the act as she leaves her father-in-law a message, but will he tell Shirley what she’s done?

When it comes to it, will Shirley really go through with signing the papers? And if she does, how will Mick react? Will she really play right into Max’s hands? Come on Shirl, you’re cleverer than that.