EastEnders SPOILER: Lauren teams up with Max?

Will she agree to help him and Josh take down Walford?

EastEnders’ Lauren Branning is set to grow closer to newcomer Josh Hemmings by getting a job at his office.

The thing is, that’s the same office her dad, Max Branning, also works at. Could she discover his dark revenge plan – and agree to help him in order to impress Josh?

Despite her friend Whitney Carter trying to make Lauren focus on her relationship with Steven Beale, the bored mum can’t help but be flattered by the attentions of Josh the photocopier guy.

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So when he gets in touch and invites her out for dinner, she doesn’t really think twice about going.

Leaving little Louie with Steven, Lauren heads out for her meal. The pair get on really well, with Josh even telling her about a job opening at his company.

It turns out it’s a photography job, which is what Lauren wants to do because she’s fed up with her job in Shoreditch.

Lauren is really keen and as she gets her application together she goes to her dad and tells him all about the opportunity. But she’s stunned when Max is less than happy with the idea of them working together.

He suggests she look for a job somewhere else instead – what’s he hiding that he’s worried she’ll discover?

Lauren won’t be deterred though, and puts her application in anyway, hoping for the best.

Now, we don’t know if Max and Josh know each other, but they do work together, so it’s been speculated they could, in fact, be in on it together.

So if Josh knows what Max has planned for Walford, is he wooing Lauren to get her on board? She might not be keen to help her dad take down her local community, but she might just go along with it if Josh flatters her enough.

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Is all this part of Max’s big plan? Does he want to protect his daughter from his revenge, so needs to get her onside?

It all seems very convenient, doesn’t it?

Hopefully EastEnders gives us some more answers to this puzzle soon before it gets even more confusing!