EastEnders SPOILER: Lauren cheats with Josh?

Is their rumoured affair about to kick off next week?

Things are definitely heating up between Lauren Branning and her new boss, Josh in EastEnders.

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The pair have been flirting up a storm for weeks and have even shared a snog, when Josh pounced on Lauren after her job interview at Weyland & Co.

And considering Lauren has a baby and a Steven at home – she didn’t put up much resistance to that kiss.

Next week sees the pair get even closer when Josh invites Lauren on a work night out. Sparks fly when she ‘accidentally’ (yeah, right) walks in on him with his kit off. Oops.

Judging by these pictures, Ms Branning deal with it in the only acceptable way, she helps him put his clothes back on.

Do these intimate moments between the pair mean they’re finally about to give into temptation and get it on?

Let’s hope so, before one of them explodes from the sexual tension.

Later in the week, Steven goes a bit bonkers when Lauren says she has to work late.

Lauren’s sister, Abi, mocks him about what ‘working late’ really means – but is she onto something?

Steven certainly thinks so when he spots Josh dropping Lauren off after their late night in the office.

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But just how will the Square’s resident psycho-in-waiting react to what he’s seen?

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