EastEnders SPOILER: Karen makes her presence felt when she throws a punch – but who gets hit?

She's not going to merge into the background, that's for sure

The Taylor family came careering into Walford last night making their presence immediately felt.

The new EastEnders clan brought with them more than a few surprises, not least that nasty Keegan Baker is in fact one of theirs.

And tonight sees matriarch Karen make enemies of more than a few of her neighbours.

Sharon wants to give Karen and piece of her mind (Credit: BBC)

As they rolled into the Square to move into their new flat last night, the residents of Walford weren’t hugely impressed with their arrival. Stacey Fowler, Denise Fox, Jack Branning, and Kim Fox-Hubbard were the first to notice them and didn’t seem keen to make friends.

Karen was all pleasantries at first, saying hello and being nice. But it wasn’t long before the shouting started and we found out they weren’t going to be the perfect neighbours.

And tonight sees her go head to head with not one, but two Square residents.

First up, she takes on Sharon Mitchell, who’s finally found out about the rumours Karen’s son, Keegan, has been spreading about Sharon’s stepdaughter Louise.

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Louise breaks down and reveals everything to Sharon (Credit: BBC)

Louise has been horrified to discover she and Keegan slept together when she had her drink spiked and was too drunk to consent.

Although we don’t know if the rumours are just vicious lies at the moment or if there’s any truth to them, Lou has been to the sexual health clinic after hearing that Keegan had contracted chlamydia.

When Louise breaks down on Sharon tonight she confesses what’s been going on to Shazza, who immediately storms round and gives Keegan’s mother a piece of her mind.

Karen isn’t having anyone getting at her son (Credit: BBC)

Now, Karen was pretty harsh to Keegan last night, but when it comes to someone else having a go at her son, she’s not having it.

Flying at Sharon, Karen thumps her, shocking Shazza and Stacey who’s also waded in on things.

Fists first, thoughts second, will she live to regret her outburst? (Credit: BBC)

Stacey isn’t having that and as she, Bex, and Louise rush to Sharon’s aid, Stace then shows a bit of that old feisty Slater that’s still in her and squares up to Karen herself, defending Bex, who Keegan has also bullied, and Sharon.

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Stacey isn’t impressed and makes her feelings known (Credit: BBC)

Karen hadn’t banked on having mothers – or anyone at all frankly – who will actually stand up to her, so it looks like any peace in Walford is well and truly over.

Eldest son Keanu seems keen to fit in and be settled, but can he keep his mother on the straight and narrow – and stop a war with the neighbours?