EastEnders SPOILER: Jack gets a visitor as he fights for Matthew

He wasn't expecting them to turn up

EastEnders Jack Branning is having a tough old time of it.

With Charlie Cotton back in Walford and fighting for custody of his son, Matthew, who’s Jack’s stepson, Jack really doesn’t know where to turn.

He thinks turning to brother Max Branning is helping, but viewers all know that’s a big mistake as Max is the one plotting behind Jack’s back to destroy his family (why, we don’t quite know yet).

Jack is struggling, but he thinks Max is helping – he’s wrong! (Credit: BBC)

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Charlie is determined to take his son back to Ireland and lodges his intentions with social services.

Jack is struggling to fight his corner after his assault on Charlie. Although Jack only punched him once, Charlie turned up the next day with horrendous injuries, that we all know were inflicted by Max.

Jack lashed out at Charlie in anger (Credit: BBC)

But Charlie’s gone to the police accusing Jack of beating him to a pulp and now Jack faces an uncertain future.

Facing the reality that he could end up losing Matthew, the last flesh and blood connection he has to late-wife Ronnie Mitchell, is tearing Jack up inside.

Deciding there’s only one way out of this mess, Jack confides his plan to deal with Charlie in Max.

Jack confides his plan to Max, who’s stunned (Credit: BBC)

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And it’s fair to say, even scheming Max is shocked by what Jack’s going to do.

Max desperately tries to talk him out of it, but whether that’s for Jack’s own good, or for the sake of his personal vendetta against his brother, is anyone’s guess!

But there’s an unexpected twist when a face turns up on Jack’s doorstep – who is it?

Are they there to help him fight Charlie? Or to persuade him to give in to his demands?

Will the news help Jack’s battle – or will it destroy him once and for all?