EastEnders SPOILER: Is Max’s evil masterplan about to be exposed?

His revenge plans steps up several notches next week as he targets an absolute plethora of Walford residents

Every time we see Max Branning at the moment, we half expect him to be stroking a fluffy, white cat. You know, like Dr. Evil? Forget it.

Busted! (credit: BBC)

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Anyway, what we’re saying is that Max is becoming more and more villainous with every passing episode.

Walford’s former No.1 ladies’ man spent a year in prison for killing Lucy Beale, when the real culprit was her little brother, Bobby.

Since being released last year, Max has been slowly plotting how to take his revenge on those who stood by and did nothing while he served time for a crime he didn’t commit.

We’ve already seen him target his brother Jack (which seems a bit unfair as Scott Maslen wasn’t even in the show at the time) by teaming up with Charlie Cotton to have Ronnie Mitchell’s son, Matthew, taken from him.

He’s also gone at Mick Carter by manipulating Shirley into selling the freehold of the pub, instead of just taking a loan from Jack.

Max is cosying up to Steven (credit: BBC)

It looks like his daughter Lauren is next on his hitlist as, next week, Max gets a bit too cosy with her maniac boyfriend, Steven.

Steven tells Lauren a whopper of a lie next week and it looks as though Max won’t reveal the shocking truth to his little girl, like a nice, properly hinged dad would.

It’s not just Lauren who Max is targeting though – Jane and Ian Beale begin to feel the first rumblings of Max’s wrath.

Ian and Jane celebrate when they finally get an offer on the chip shop, but their joy is short-lived when they discover the offer is from Weyland & Co.

This is not a drill. Max pays a visit to Ian (credit: BBC)

When the Beales pull out of the deal, Max pays them a visit and delivers a heartfelt speech. Will it be enough to change their minds?

Elsewhere, Max is using his old charm on Carmel Kazemi. But he’s probably not after what she thinks he’s after. If you see what we mean?

She cooks him a romantic meal, but is shocked to find him rummaging through her drawers (not THOSE ones, mind out the gutter please) and reading her council planning files.

Can Max charm his way out of this one? (credit: BBC)

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Stunned, Carmel asks Max what he’s up to (we’d all like to know that love, but apparently it will take three years) forcing Max to cover. Will she believe him? Hmmmmm…..