EastEnders SPOILER: Is Bex pregnant?

The teen may have found herself in trouble...

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EastEnders have released a jam-packed trailer featuring all of the key storylines we can look forward to this spring.

There’s so much to talk about we hardly know where to start!

One of the biggest shocks is that Bex Fowler is seen holding a positive pregnancy test – or so it seems.

We see the schoolgirl go into the pharmacy and the camera focuses on a display of pregnancy tests.

In the next frame it looks like she’s buying one, and then after that we see a positive test result in her hands.

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Crikey. Is Bex really pregnant? And if so, who’s the daddy?

She’s had two sexual partners that we know about – Shakil Kazemi and Michelle Fowler’s toyboy Preston Cooper.

If Preston’s the dad, could we see his return to the Square? And what would that mean for the Fowlers? Would he rekindle his romance with Michelle? Or make a go of things with Bex?

The Fowlers and Kazemi’s are already tied by baby Arthur – Kush is the father, but Martin and Stacey bring him up. If Shakhil is the dad of Bex’s baby, would that bond the two clans even closer – or push them further apart?

Bex herself was born to teenage parents, Sonia and Martin, how will they react to find out the news their little girl has got herself in the family way?

Ambitious, driven and intelligent, Bex is determined to pursue a musical career – could a baby put paid to her dreams and force her to stay on the Square? Will she keep it or will she decide to terminate her pregnancy?

And is it even Bex who’s pregnant? Although the sequence of events make it look like she’s the one holding the test, there’s also a shot earlier on of Steven Beale putting a knife through a condom.

We know he’s been secretly trying to get girlfriend Lauren Branning to have his baby for a while now, has he been successful? Has the trailer cleverly led us down the garden path thinking it’s Bex when actually it’s Lauren who finds herself expecting?

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Steven’s seen getting increasingly more paranoid throughout the clips, is this the culmination of his latest plan?

Whoever’s preggers, it’s set to have huge ramifications around Walford. Will the expectant mother be pleased or devastated by the prospect of her new arrival?