EastEnders SPOILER: Huge storyline for Stacey!

Bosses are lining up the big guns for Stacey and Kathy

We’ve got some wonderful news for EastEnders fans, especially those who are into the old school characters like Kathy Beale/Mitchell/Sullivan/Beale and Stacey Slater/Branning/Fowler.

Fans have been worried that these two phenomenal female characters have been forgotten since new boss, Sean O’Connor, took over – but they couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sean recently revealed: “I’m very, very excited about a massive story for Kathy. She is a legacy character and is embedded in the DNA of the show. Having resurrected Kathy for the Live Week, I felt that we must give her an extraordinary reason for coming back to Walford.”

That’s good because we’ve been worried she sacrificed her freedom to flip eggs for Tina.

Sean also spoke about his plans for Stacey, saying: “I absolutely love Martin and Stacey. Joining together two of the most successful families from the show’s history- the Fowlers and the Slaters- was a touch of genius.

“They seem so like every other normal young couple, trying hard to make a living and raise a complex family. “

We already know what Lacey Turner who plays Stacey is capable of after watching her in the role for over ten years – but can she top her 2015 performance as Stacey struggled with post-partum psychosis?

Whatever is in store for them, we will always be team Macey <3.

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