EastEnders SPOILER: Hayley loses the baby?

A shock arrival in Walford leaves her doubled up in pain

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Hayley Slater gets a huge shock in EastEnders next week when her mum Bev arrives in the Square – and the immediately abandons her when she needs her the most.

Hayley and Jean wait to hear (Credit: BBC)

Hayley’s week gets off to a concerning start when she spots Stacey making her way through mountains of washing at the launderette because the kids have caught a bug.

While Hayley reels, Stacey assures her that she’ll be a great mum and Hayley is just about believing it when she spots her own mum Bev in the Square.

Bev’s appearance comes as a huge blow as Hayley just finds herself making a friend in Kim Fox as they both skip their antenatal class and hang out together sharing birth stories and fears.

Later Bev arrives at the Slater house and is stunned by the cold reception she’s given by Hayley and Kat who both tell her to sling her hook.

Soon Hayley learns that it was Jean who inadvertently invited Bev to the Square and she’s livid.

Hayley isn’t happy to see her mum (Credit: BBC)

She calms down a bit though when Jean hands her some flowers from Bev and Hayley decides to let her mum have her say.

But Hayley’s heart is soon broken when she realises her mum hasn’t changed one bit.

The worst part is Bev storms of to get a cab just as Hayley starts feeling pains in her stomach.

Fearing she’s losing her baby, she reaches out to her mum for help but Bev ignores her and drives off.

Devastated by her mum’s reaction Hayley hobbles home where Jean demands she heads to A&E to check all is okay with the baby.

Hayley is scared she’s harmed her unborn child and -heading to the allotments – urges it to kick.

Hayely’s mum isn’t welcome (Credit: BBC)

When is does she’s hugely relieved. Is it enough to convince Hayley she’ll make a good mum?

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