EastEnders SPOILER: Has Whitney left for good?

She has packed all her stuff and left The Vic

Whitney Carter tearfully left EastEnders last night after Shirley Carter chucked her out.

But where is she going? And is this the last we’ll see of her?

After Friday night’s kiss between Whitney and Mick Carter, we were relieved to hear things hadn’t gone any further (keep your hands off Linda’s man, Whit!).

Things were awkward between the pair as Mick tried to tell her it was a mistake and didn’t mean anything, a very downbeat – and unwashed looking – Whitney agreed it wasn’t a big deal.

It clearly was a big deal to her as she mouched around miserable, not even touching the doughnut Johnny bought her in the cafe.

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Back at The Vic, Shirley had clocked something was wrong with her son. She confronted him in the kitchen and he didn’t take much persuading to relieve himself of his guilt and confess to the kiss.

Shirley immediately decided it was all Whitney’s fault and went upstairs to confront her.

Barging into her room, Shirley said: “You disgust me” as she went on to say she knew all about the kiss.

Whitney tried to defend herself insisting it wasn’t the first time Mick had kissed her and then she called Shirley “a nasty woman, a vindictive, dried up old bag”.

But Shirl wasn’t having that and responded: “And you are a little tart, a parasite that feeds off good men like Lee and Mick.”

Grabbing Whitney by the scruff of her neck, Shirley dragged her to the mirror and told her to take a good look at herself.

“If Mick had a choice between you and Linda, he would never choose you,” she said. “You’re not wanted here, pack your stuff and crawl back into your gutter.” Ouch.

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The next time we saw Whitney she was on a tube train heading for we don’t know where. She had talked earlier in the episode about Bianca – maybe she’s heading to Milton Keynes? But is it for good?

Some fans are so furious with Whit for coming between Mick and Linda they’re hoping she has gone.

But others don’t want this to be the last we see of her, tweeting that they hope she returns.

Those that want her back can sleep easy as we know it’s not a permanent departure.

Boss Sean O’Connor has revealed there’s set to be an epic three-hander episode between Mick, Whitney and Linda.

That’s going to be one massive showdown. Is Shirley right – will Mick choose Linda every time? Or has Whitney got under his skin?