EastEnders SPOILER: Denise sees a familiar face at the food bank

Denise's desperate situation is about to get even worse next week

Poor Denise Fox reaches rock bottom in next week’s EastEnders as she is forced to swallow her pride and visit the local food bank.

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But the former Minute Mart worker gets a shock when she spots a familiar face handing out the food.

Cora Cross – who fans will remember is Abi and Lauren Branning’s nan and Max Branning’s former mother-in-law – is volunteering at the food bank.

When Denise sees her, once again her pride gets the better of her and she flees the food bank empty handed, meaning another day without a meal.

Fans have seen Denise’s situation get desperate in recent episodes as she’s struggled to get the money together to feed herself, following walking out on her job at the Minute Mart.

Next week also sees Denise get into a frustrating situation at the job centre when she goes along to try and claim benefits.

She’s told they can’t help her unless she fills in a proper application which leaves her without food or money for another day.

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Denise has pushed everyone close to her away as she has struggled to admit quite how desperate she really is.

It’s already cost her her relationship with Kush and she’s pushing Kim further away too.

Will Cora be able to reach out to Denise and help her? Let’s hope so.

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