EastEnders SPOILER: Denise in danger as she collapses

Things are going to get worse for the proud EastEnder

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Things are set to go from bad to worse for EastEnders Denise Fox as she collapses at her GCSE class. Will she be okay?

The soap’s spring trailer, released this morning, shows dramatic times ahead for Dee as she goes to claim benefits.

Denise visits the job centre (Credit: BBC)

She’s already alienated everyone who cares about her – dumping boyfriend, Kush Kazemi, shutting out her sister Kim Fox-Hubbard, and slapping best mate Carmel Kazemi.

As viewers watch Denise starve herself because she can’t afford to eat, she finally realises she needs to sign on next week.

But when it’s suggested she attend a food bank, she’s heard in the trailer insisting she isn’t a charity case.

Denise doesn’t want to accept help from anyone, least of all Cora (Credit: BBC)

She runs into Cora Cross at the bank, once homeless and down-on-her-luck herself, who tells Dee she needs help, but Denise insists she doesn’t.

It looks like that isn’t the case when later on she goes crashing to the floor in the classroom.

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Things get worse when Denise collapses (Credit: BBC)

Presumably, it’s through lack of food, but is Denise making herself dangerously ill?

The longer this goes on and the more she refuses help, the worse this is set to become. Could she really starve herself to death?

Many fans understand Dee’s pride is getting in the way of her asking for help, and that is true to her character, however, they can’t understand why she isn’t doing anything to help herself.

Denise is at rock bottom (Credit: BBC)

She finally sold some of her numerous items of bling this week, but only managed to get a fiver for them, which was enough to buy some pasta.

Viewers were stunned as the pasta got Tuesday night’s all-important duff duff, and insisted it wasn’t exactly “a duff duff moment”.

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We think her dramatic collapse will definitely provide a worthy duff duff though.

Will this be enough of a wake up call for Denise to ask for help before it’s too late?