EastEnders SPOILER: Max seduces Carmel… but is she in danger?

The swordsman is back in his love saddle

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Max Branning is back to doing what he does best in EastEnders next week, using his amazing powers of seduction.

Since Maxy’s been back after his hiatus (at Her Majesty’s pleasure), he’s largely stayed well away from the women of Walford, which is EXTREMELY OUT OF CHARACTER for the legendary swordsman.

But kind of understandable when you remember the last two women he slept with ended up in body bags.

Well, we certainly would (credit: BBC)

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Anyway, it looks like he’s back in the saddle next week, when he ends up sleeping with Carmel Kazemi.

While it’s good to see Max back on form and Carmel getting some action, it leads us to question Max’s motives.

Last night’s episode saw Max deliberately manipulate Carmel so he could have a good rummage through her drawers (not THOSE ones!) and find her council papers.

When Carms caught him in the act, he rather suspiciously confided in her about how he’s been self-harming since his time behind bars.

Carmel and Max sitting in a tree (credit: BBC)

It’s left us questioning if his intentions towards Carmel are genuine, or if he’s just using her position on the council as part of his revenge plan.

Since returning to the Square on Boxing Day last year, Max has been part of a slow-burning storyline that sees him take down the people who let him stay in prison for Lucy Beale’s murder, despite knowing Bobby Beale was the real culprit.

Max has already plotted to have baby Matthew, his brother Jack’s last link to dead wife Ronnie Mitchell, taken from him.

And we’ve recently seen him back up Steven Beale’s brain tumour lie to daughter Lauren, instead of telling her the truth.

Lauren and Jack were only bit players in Max’s incarceration which makes us wonder hugely about what he’s got in store for the likes of Ian Beale and Phil Mitchell.

Is Max using Carmel? Are Tigers stripy? (credit: BBC)

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The way things are going, we wouldn’t be surprised if Max was somehow responsible for Roxy and Ronnie’s deaths AND Louise’s accident at the prom…