EastEnders spoiler: bullies plan fresh heartache for Louise

With friends like this pair....Louise really needs Bex

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EastEnders’ resident bullies Madison and Alexandra are up to their (same) old tricks next week when they target Louise Mitchell’s new romance with school hottie, Travis.

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The terrible teens have already caused trouble for their so-called friend after persuading her to have a sleepover – and inviting everyone from school.

The surprise house party ended in disaster after Louise collapsed because Madison and Alex were spiking her drink with alcohol.

As we know, Lou is very anti-booze after almost loosing her dad, Phil Mitchell, to it – several times.

The minxes then tried to point the finger of suspicion at Travis, suggesting HE was the one trying to get Lou drunk – for obvious reasons.

Next week, they try out a bit of passive aggressive bullying and suggest to Louise that Travis is only with her for one thing.

A freaked out Lou starts giving Travis the cold shoulder, and the confused lad wonders what he’s done wrong.

He finally confronts her and, after a chat, they make-up and everything is back on.

But the jealous bullies won’t like that their plan has failed. What else have they got up their sleeve?

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One thing’s for sure, they clearly have no respect for the name Mitchell. We wish Peggy was still around to sort them out!

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