EastEnders SPOILER: Bex forced to choose between Sonia and Martin

The exes clash when they both want her living with them

Bex Fowler is faced with a huge dilemma next week when she’s forced to choose between her mum and dad – talk about Sophie’s choice.

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Her mum, Sonia, made a surprise return earlier this week when she came to the aid of Dot Branning, who had taken a nasty fall.

But, now she’s given the Walford residents a piece of her mind for not looking out for Dot better, she’s moving on to her next challenge – getting her daughter back.

You might recall that Sonia left Walford to take up her dream job in Kettering and wasn’t too fussed about leaving Bex with Martin then.

In fact, Martin accused her of being selfish and abandoning Bex so she could follow her own dreams.

We’re not really that surprised he’s a bit annoyed by Son suddenly returning and declaring Bex should live with her.

Stacey and Martin, who Bex has been living with since September, are less than impressed with Sonia’s demands and think the teenager should stay with them.

They don’t want any more disruption for her after all the bullying drama, plus everything that went down with Preston and Michelle.

They think things are just settling down again for Bex – and let Sonia know they think it’s best that she stays put.

Bex is annoyed that her parents are fighting over her and points out that she should probably have a say in who she lives with?

So will she choose Martin and Stacey, who took her in and have supported her through all her troubles?

Or Sonia, who ditched her a few months ago and has now turned into Shouty McShoutface of Walford?

Tough choice.

To be fair to Sonia though, she DID pop back in April to try to help Bex deal with the bullying from Madison, Alexandra and Louise Mitchell.

You might remember, she even took on Sharon when she discovered that Louise – who was supposed to be Bex’s friend – was instrumental in the abuse.

Bex called her mum to come to her rescue when the bullying got too much, so she has clearly forgiven her for leaving her.

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And the Fowler household is going to be a pretty busy one when Martin and Stacey’s new baby arrives.

Screaming baby or screaming Sonia? We just couldn’t decide.

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