EastEnders SPOILER: An end to Bex’s bullying hell?

Things are looking up for the teen

It’s been a tough few months for EastEnders Bex Fowler as the school bullies have targeted her, she lost her first boyfriend Shakil Kazemi, and her aunt Michelle Fowler’s been sleeping with her next boyfriend, Preston Cooper.

But things might be about to get better for the schoolgirl when Shakil moves to make amends, and one of her bullies APOLOGISES. Is all as it seems though?

After everything that’s gone on, Bex would rather keep her head down and out of sight, but she’s forced to work in the cafe.

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Desperate to make it up to her niece, Michelle offers to help out, but when bullies Alexandra and Madison come in, that’s perfect fodder for them to taunt Bex even more.

Mortified and upset over it all, Bex flees the cafe and decides to do a spot of busking instead, seeking solace in the comfort of music.

And when she asks Shakil to help her, she’s hopeful of a reconciliation.

Her singing is a hit and the crowd love her, but Martin isn’t impressed and soon sends her straight back to the cafe to work. And it’s not long before Louise, Madison and Alexandra are back, giving her a hard time again.

Fortunately for Bex, Martin soon relents and let’s her busk. And it gets even better when Shakil supports her in front of the bullies, later agreeing to join her singing.

Bex is thrilled, but then Martin sticks his oar in again and tells Shaki he’s got to stay away from his daughter. Bex is crushed when he cancels on her because of what her dad said.

Without Shakil to protect her, Alexandra and Madison turn up again, but things take an unexpected turn when Madison actually says she’s sorry for everything she’s done.

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She then confides in Bex that her former partner in crime is plotting revenge on her for talking to Bex. Will Bex back Madison up?

Does this mean the bullying hell is finally over for poor Bex? Or is this another awful prank, designed to make Bex look foolish?

Is Madison being genuine? Or are things set to get worse – if that’s even possible – for the troubled teen?