EastEnders SPOILER: Abi tells Steven Lauren’s secret

Walford's villain in waiting betrays her sister's trust

Ah, there’s nothing like that beautiful, unbreakable bond between sisters, is there? Well, someone probably needs to let Abi Branning know that as Walford’s no.1 brat has a lot to answer for next week.

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We know by now that Abi has some darkness inside her. Who can forget the moment she confessed to battering Lucy Beale?

And what about the time she stalked Lauren at Halloween, beautifully accessorised with a horrific Weeping Angel mask?

But we didn’t expect her to betray her sister’s trust when Lauren confided in her about her unwanted pregnancy and subsequent abortion. Oh, Abi.

She’s been thinking it for a while, we’ve clocked the looks she’s given as Lauren has (unintentionally) hurt Abi’s feelings.

Obviously it can’t be great living in the shadow of a sister who has the ‘perfect’ life. Lauren has everything Abi wants, a great job, a devoted boyfriend, a baby and another on the way.

Abi is obviously resentful that Lauren is throwing away the chance of becoming a mum again, but more than that, she’s just uber jealous of her sister. So bitter for one so young.

Next week, after Jack and Lauren work together to plan something for Max for Father’s Day, Abi snaps.

She storms out of the cafe – and runs straight into Steven, who is emotionally after a failed attempt to bond with Ian.

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Fed up of Lauren, Abi lets the abortion secret slip. How will Steven react? And what will Lauren do when she finds out her sister has betrayed her trust?

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