EastEnders: Sharon’s on the warpath over Denise’s baby secret!

Sharon knows the truth about Denise's baby, but what's her next move?

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EastEnders’ latest baby bombshell has seen Sharon Mitchell finally discover her husband Phil is the father of Denise’s unborn child. So what’s she going to do about it?

It was a rookie mistake by Denise not to check whether anyone else was in the toilet stalls before she confessed her baby daddy’s identity to Shirley.

Still harbouring her own feelings for Phil, Shirl was pretty shocked at the news herself.

But not as much as a devastated Sharon who overheard every word from her position in the cubicle.

In a new preview clip released by the show Sharon is seen ignoring Honey before stalking back into the pub.

She glares at pregnant Denise as she walks past her, and comes to a halt shooting daggers at Phil.

“What’s wrong with you?” he asks his wife and she just looks at him. Does she reveal all or will she bide her time while deciding what to do?

It’s fair to say Sharon’s put up with so much from Phil and forgiven him pretty much everything. She thought after his liver transplant they were at last getting back on track, but this latest news is definitely going to throw a spanner in the works.

It’s useful then that her best friend is on hand to be a shoulder to cry on during her hour in need. Except Michelle’s got troubles of her own and Sharon doesn’t react well when ‘Chelle confesses them to her.

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In a special episode due to air on Thursday, Sharon will find out the truth about what Michelle’s hiding, but will she really be able to process that as well as this latest shock?

Denise is set to give birth this week too and once the baby comes out, is that the moment that Sharon will reveal to Phil he’s got a new son?

To be fair, Phil doesn’t even remember sleeping with Denise, does that mean Sharon can find it in her heart to forgive him again? Or will she decide enough is enough and exact revenge on her hubby? We wouldn’t blame her!

Next week, Phil’s set to drop a bombshell of his own on Sharon, has he found out the truth on his own?

Can these two repair their marriage? And will they want Denise’s baby to be part of their lives? She’s planning on having him adopted, but will Phil and Sharon decide to raise him instead?