EastEnders: Sharon furious as Michelle reveals her very dark secret

Her bessie reveals she's running away after breaking the law

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EastEnders’ Michelle Fowler reveals her dark secret to best friend Sharon Mitchell this week and it turns out she’s done something very bad indeed.

In a trailer released by the BBC the newly returned Michelle tells a shocked Sharon she’s broken the law.

Sharon’s no stranger to criminal activity given she’s married to the biggest lawbreaker in Walford, Phil Mitchell, but it seems her tolerance doesn’t stretch outside the family because she’s seriously angry when Michelle reveals what she’s done.

Far from being sympathetic, a tearful Sharon’s furious with her friend, rolling her eyes to the heavens and telling her “If you’re gonna have them kind of secrets, then keep them secret.”

Just how big and bad a secret would it have to be for Sharon to turn her back on her best friend of over 30 years? What could Michelle possibly have done?

The character returned to screens on Christmas Eve after more than 20 years away, with a brand new face in the shape of actress Jenna Russell.

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Michelle claimed she’d just come back to Walford to spend Christmas with her brother Martin, but fans could tell she was hiding something huge and there was much more to her return than she was letting on.

After a few weeks on the Square, ‘Chelle’s friends and family think she’s jetting off back to America, so they throw her a surprise party in – where else? – The Vic.

But with her secret threatening to be exposed it seems it’s going to force her to stick around for longer when everyone finds out the real reason for her return.

Viewers have seen Michelle attempt to get in touch with her son, Mark Jr, but he’s not been answering his phone. Does he hold the key to her secret?

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He was last seen in Walford after discovering Grant Mitchell was his biological father, but he’s yet to share scenes with his mum.

With Sharon seemingly unwilling to offer any help to Michelle, will Mark be making his way back to Walford to save her?