EastEnders REVEALED: Who dies in bus crash horror?

The soap has dropped major hints about the unlucky ones

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A leaked cast list has revealed the full devastation of the EastEnders bus crash and points at who’s going to die.

The past two nights have seen Walford in chaos as a double-decker careered through Albert Square, ploughing through the market and scattering people in its wake.

As panic set in, Mick Carter and Max Branning coordinated a rescue mission, but it wasn’t looking good for Martin Fowler.

He lay trapped under the bus, and as his wife, Stacey, screamed at people to help him, he was struggling to breathe.

As the survivors gathered round, they managed to find some inner strength and LIFT the bus off Martin.

But does this mean he’s going to pull through?

While the cast list for Thursday’s episode hasn’t been released, next week’s has and Martin’s isn’t on it. Are his injuries too severe?

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Also missing from the list is Whitney Carter, whose phone Mick heard ringing from under the bus on last night’s episode.

His supersonic ears picked up Lukas Graham’s ‘Seven Years’ ringing out from under the wreckage, but Whit was supposed to be shopping for an engagement gift for her brother, Ryan.

Fans have been quick to suggest it’s not Whitney under there at all, but her husband Lee Carter, who’s due to be leaving the show soon.

Believing he picked up his wife’s phone by mistake, viewers think this could be actor Danny-Boy Hatchard’s exit storyline.

With neither Lee or Whitney appearing on next week’s cast list, it’s possible it could be either of them.

Bex Fowler and Louise Mitchell are also left off, but we saw them get off the bus – could something befall them later on?

Kush Kazemi, his mum Carmel, and brother Shakil are also not mentioned.

Whilst Shaki got off the bus seemingly in one piece, his brother and mum were blown out of the way by the bus, with both being knocked unconscious. Did either of them hit their head badly enough that it could have repercussions later?

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Stacey Fowler and Max Branning also aren’t there, but could they just be by Martin’s bedside as he recovers – off screen – in hospital?

EastEnders has also revealed the names of 10 people who definitely do survive until next week.

Jay Brown, Ben Mitchell and Michelle Fowler are all in spoiler shots from episodes to be screened next Tuesday.

And Babe Smith, Mick Carter, Tina Carter and Shirley Carter, and Ian Beale are all on the roster for a storyline next week.

Sharon and Phil Mitchell are also seen getting a visit from Tony’s wife Antoinette.

EastEnders could be feeding us all sorts of misleading clues though!

We can’t wait until Thursday to see what happens next.