EastEnders: Phil refuses surgery as he reveals he is ready to die

The hardman doesn't think he deserves a second chance at life

We have watched as Phil Mitchell’s life hangs in the balance and it’s been a race against time to get the liver transplant he needs to survive.

After being sober for six months, Phil finds out that he can now be considered for surgery.

But there is trouble ahead.

The good mood turns sour as the doctor explains that he may not get a liver in time to save his life.

Later on, Phil decides that he doesn’t feel deserving of a new liver after battling with his addiction.

She pleads with him to not give up, but he’s his mind is made up.

In a bid to make him reconsider, Louise arranges a surprise for Phil. However, he doesn’t take it well and in the emotional scenes he tells his family that he won’t be taking tests for the transplant.

In other words, he has given up on life and is prepared to die.

Ben and Louise are heartbroken and ignore there dad, while Sharon does her best to reason with him.

Phil later has a heart-to-heart with Billy, and tells him that he doesn’t think he deserves another chance at life, but what Billy has to say give Phil food for thought.

And will his kids and stepson Dennis make him change his mind once he sees how worried they are about losing him?

With so many people trying to convince him that his life is worthwhile, can Phil be persuaded to fight for his life or will he continue refusing a liver transplant?

Meanwhile, Dot’s health is not looking so good either.

Patrick takes matters into his own hands by making her an appointment to find out what’s wrong with her eyes.

But what will the diagnosis be? Is she going blind?

Watch this space.