EastEnders: Phil Mitchell confronts Denise over their baby

Will he be pleased he's a dad again?

Phil Mitchell is finally going to find out he’s the father of Denise Fox’s baby – and then he dramatically confronts her at the hospital.

Denise gave birth to their son on Friday, but has decided to give the lad up for adoption.

Phil has no idea he’s a daddy again because he was so drunk when he and Denise hooked up, he can’t even remember it – charming!

But wife Sharon knows, having found out when she overheard a conversation between Denise and Shirley in the toilets at The Vic.

After quizzing him over whether he wanted another kid, Sharon had decided not to tell Phil he’d got one whether he wanted one or not.

But when she found out Denise was giving the baby away, Shazza knew she had to come clean.

She’ll drop the bombshell on her husband tonight, but how will he react? We know he’s also got some news for her – does he already know? Has he remembered sleeping with Denise and put the pieces together?

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When he discovers the truth the Mitchell hardman storms over to the hospital where an emotional Denise has just given birth.

Sharon’s right behind him as he bursts into Dee’s room and demands answers. But will she tell him what he wants to hear?

When Denise delivered their son on Friday, viewers were quick to point out it wouldn’t be long before Phil worked it out, given the resemblance between father and son.

Don’t all babies look like Phil Mitchell though?!

Whether it’s the family resemblance or someone actually tells Phil, either way, he knows the truth.

Will he want custody to raise the child with Sharon? And can she even agree to that?

Or will he be happy to go along with Denise’s plan, believing it’d be the best for their kid to go to a family that desperately wants him?