EastEnders: Mick Carter got a shock as he arrived home unexpectedly

Who's been sleeping in Daddy Bear's bed?!

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Well! EastEnders was firing out all the surprises last night.

Whitney did a full 360 bounce-back as she told Johnny her life was gonna be on the up from now on – Lee had moved on, so was she.

She got dolled up in her Funday finest and headed out for some retail therapy – a.k.a nicking in Whit’s warped world.

After doing a bit of a rob in a department store she strutted out buzzing, then set her Magpie eyes on a shiny bracelet.

But she’d been spotted by a security guard in the shop and he came after her…

Luckily for her, Woody just happened to be in the shopping arcade, 10 feet away from Whitney just as she found herself in bovver.

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As she broke into a run – in her spiky high heels – he distracted the guard.

Back at The Vic, Whit’s adrenaline was clearly pumping as she made moves on Woody.

He was a little reluctant at first – maybe tea-leafing doesn’t turn HIM on – but he eventually succumbed.

Next thing viewers knew, they were post-coital – and more than a little sheepish – in MICK AND LINDA’S BED!!!!!

The cheek of it.

Suddenly the door burst open and there was Mick, doing The Look.

This was a massive shock to viewers as well as the new lovers, as we’d all been expecting Master Carter to make his on-screen return tonight.

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Let’s just say, he REALLY makes his presence – and rage – known in tonight’s episode…

Welcome back, Mick, we missed ya!

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