EastEnders: Max Branning and Stacey Fowler to get back together?

Will the fan-favourite couple have a happy ending?

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EastEnders’ Lacey Turner has revealed there’s a chance her character Stacey Fowler could be reunited with her former lover Max Branning.

Speaking at last night’s National Television Awards where she won the award for Best Serial Drama Performance, Lacey got fans in a frenzy as she confessed Max and Stacey might not be done yet.

Stacey and Max’s affair hit headlines when they first got together as she was in an on-off relationship with his son, Bradley, at the time.

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Eventually, their fling was uncovered in a memorable Christmas Day episode in 2007, when their illicit kiss was played on a DVD to the assembled Branning clan.

More recently things have been platonic between the pair, but there’s no denying that spark is still there.

Stacey is currently happily married to Martin Fowler and living in domestic bliss, but it was Max who saved their Christmas when he delivered the much-needed turkey to her.

And it’s Max who Stacey turned to this week when she found out Martin was trapped under the bus that crashed into Albert Square.

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She begged Max to get Martin out and he immediately rallied the troops to grant her wish.

So is history about to repeat itself? Will Max and Stacey rekindle their affair?

Speaking to the press at last night’s awards, Lacey played it cool, saying:

“Ooh I don’t know. Who knows what can happen?”

But then she added: “I love working with Jake (Wood, aka Max), he never does the same thing twice and it’s lovely to work with him and have him back.

“I love Stacey and Max together.”

So do we! But she may have dashed all our hopes when she continued:

“But I do love Stacey and Martin and I hope they can stay together for a long time.”

Fans don’t necessarily agree with Lacey on the latter point and they took to Twitter to call for a Stax reunion.

Jessica Spirit wrote, perhaps a little harshly: “Am I the only one that wants Martin to die? I hate him and Stacey together she needs a man like Max not a whiny baby like him!”

Others have been a little kinder, but still want Martin out of the picture:

With Martin’s life hanging in the balance, will it be Max Stacey turns to for comfort? And will it lead to something more?

Lacey also admitted she wants a “really happy year” for Stacey this year.

On EastEnders? Good luck with that!

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