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EastEnders legend to return to the soap TONIGHT?

Rumours of a comeback are flying

When an old character is talked about in Soapland, it usually only means one thing: we’ll be seeing them again very soon.

So when Patrick Trueman mentioned to Denise Fox he’d been chatting to his ex-wife Yolande about Denise’s suspension from the Minute Mart, fans went into meltdown, certain she would be making a return any day.

And could that be tonight?

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Denise has a meeting scheduled at the Minute Mart head office in Birmingham about the future of her job after making derogatory comments to the Walford Gazette.

She knows Yolande has put in a good word for her after Patrick called his ex, and that Yolande was even going to try and make the meeting in person.

Is Yolande going to be there to fight Denise’s corner against her horrible, snide boss?

Yolande left the soap in 2008 when she was offered a dream job in Birmingham, and it seems she must be doing pretty well for herself if she’s able to get involved in Denise’s case.

But will she actually turn up to the meeting tonight? Or will Dee be left to fight her own corner?

Denise has been struggling with the stress of things ever since she gave her son up for adoption. Even though she’s confident it was the right thing to do, it’s still been an emotional time for her.

It all culminated in Denise lashing out at bad boy Keegan Baker and then telling the Gazette exactly what she thought of her employers and how they treated the community.

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As she fights to keep her job, she just might need Yolande on her side if she’s to win.

Fans are definitely keen to see the former Mrs Trueman make a return to the soap. Taking to Twitter, they picked up on the mention of her straight away.

“Yolande mention!” tweeted Demi Harte.

And Lucas Williamson asked: “Does that mean Yolande is back next week?”

While Zoe Welch said: “Yolande mention! Does that mean a surprise reappearance coming soon?”

Oh we do hope so!

Among her most memorable moments in Walford was when she discovered Patrick was having an affair with Pat Butcher – and walloped her in the pub.

But will she get as far as The Queen Vic this time? Or will she stay firmly put in Birmingham?