EastEnders Lauren IS pregnant – but is Steven the dad?

Fans are already speculating his plan might have backfired spectacularly

EastEnders Lauren Branning has taken a pregnancy test and the result was positive.

Fans had already predicted this outcome earlier in the week after she was seen feeling sick and unable to face food.

Lauren’s been feeling dodgy all week (Credit: BBC)

Steven Beale hasn’t twigged his girlfriend is pregnant though, and is continuing to seduce her at every opportunity.

What Lauren doesn’t know, but we watching at home do, is that this is exactly what he wanted to happen as he’s been piercing holes in their condoms for weeks.

It’s all a bid to get her away from her hot boss Josh and back home with him. Steven doesn’t like Lauren trying to better herself and feels like they’re growing further apart.

Despite the fact she made it perfectly clear she didn’t want another child yet, Steven decided to be devious to make sure he got his way instead.

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Things got awkward when Steven insisted Josh stayed for dinner (Credit: BBC)

Last night saw a particularly awkward meal with Steven, Josh and Lauren, throughout which, Lauren felt increasingly sick and put off.

Once the excruciating encounter was over, Lauren headed upstairs to the bathroom and pulled out a pregnancy test.

Lauren’s pregnant – but who’s the daddy? (Credit: BBC)

Looking anxious and upset while she waited for the result, it was clear a positive outcome was not at all what she wanted to see.

It’s obviously what Steven wants, but fans were quick to point out the baby might not even be his…

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As far as we know Lauren and Josh have only shared a kiss, but what if all those late nights in the office have spilled into something more off-screen that we’ve not been party too?

What if Lauren has been having a full-blown affair with Josh and the baby is actually his?

Steven’s not going to be happy if that’s the case – and we don’t even want to think about how creepy his revenge might get…