EastEnders: Just how far will Bex go to get revenge on Michelle?

Poor teenager has been through so much

Brace yourself for some seriously explosive doof-doofs – it’s all coming out in EastEnders this week.

The scandalous affair between Michelle Fowler and Preston Cooper is finally going to become public knowledge.

And as everyone learns about the romance between middle-aged Michelle and her teenage former pupil, it’s going to have seriously dramatic consequences – and not just for her.

EastEnders bosses have been teasing the reveal with one of those big dramatic slow motion adverts.

And as a week of controversy and consequences prepares to kick off tomorrow, it looks like it might live up to the hype.

As the week starts, things between Preston and Michelle are very much off – and so he turns back to his teenage lover (and her niece) Bex Fowler, announcing that they are now officially a couple.

Desperate to keep them apart, Michelle warns her brother Martin that young Preston isn’t good for his troubled daughter.

But knowing how much poor Bex has been through, he wants to keep her happy and won’t split them up.

But then – as the truth about the romance comes out at the Vic’s 60s theme night – everyone is left shocked and horrified.

There will be heartbreak for Bex as she realises Preston has just been using her and secretly sleeping with her aunt all this time.

Already so upset, vulnerable and feeling alone after everything that has been going on for her at school, she’s now devastated to realise she’s been lied to.

So could Bex end up hurting herself? Or will the tormented teen turn violent and take revenge on the illicit lovers?

As for Michelle herself (Jenna Russell), now the news about her and Preston (Martin Anzor) is out and everyone in Walford is reeling, her life feels like it’s about to implode – and she loses control.

We can’t reveal exactly how it’s going to play out but, as shock waves spread through the Square, bosses have told viewers to expect “devastating and possibly life-changing consequences”. Ooh….